60491_500707056616520_18415Denise Rhoden Rhone

Inspired Design Gallery

Denise draws on inspiration from life and the experiences around her to create unique, contemporary, three dimensional collages and fine art paintings using an eclectic mix of colors, metallics, textures, metals on a variety of mediums.  Her technique of using metallics and originality has become the hallmark of her designs, attracting a diverse clientele to her work.  Denise’s work is highly innovative and represents a fresh inimitable approach to abstract art.

A native of Chicago, Denise comes from a lineage of naturally talented artists, most notably, her uncle, the late fine arts sculptor, John W. Rhoden of Brooklyn, New York, and her father, photo-journalist, Herman S. Rhoden of Chicago, Illinois.

Denise was trained in commercial art in high school, educated in the sciences in college, graduated as a pharmacist from the University of Illinois and works in the health care industry.  Although she pursued the sciences as her vocation, she has sought to utilize her creative energy in every aspect of her life.  In her professional journey, Denise embraced her artistic gift and realized that using her creative talents brought peace and balance to her demanding world.  She uses her creativity as a conduit to invoke the senses and bring value to those who appreciate her work.

Denise’s work can also be customized to accentuate your home furnishings and preferences.  You may contact Denise at denise@inspireddesigngallery.com or visit her website at www.inspireddesigngallery.com.