Welcome to the Inspired Design Gallery!

This site was developed to introduce my work to the global community and to give art enthusiasts an opportunity to take a creative detour through my gallery of Inspired Designs.

As an emerging artist and native of Chicago, I continue honing my artistic practice as a visual and literary artist.  My artistic practice began in North Wales, Pennsylvania during a period of personal definition and transition where I dedicated much of my time to actively pursuing my talents as an innovative, three dimensional abstract artist.   Inspired to explore the depths of my natural talents beyond my scientific avocation, my journey lead me to a peaceful plateau where creative balance became my reality.

I come from a lineage of naturally talented artists, most notably, the late internationally renowned sculpture artist, John W. Rhoden of Brooklyn Heights, New York and my dad, the late photojournalist, Herman “Tony” S. Rhoden of Chicago, Illinois and a host of artistically talented relatives who work in various mediums. 

I draw on inspiration from life and the experiences around me to create unique, contemporary, three dimensional, mixed media art pieces using an eclectic mix of vibrant metallic colors, textures, and metals layered on a variety of mediums.  The use of metallics, originality and personal expression has become the hallmark of my designs, attracting a diverse clientele to my work.  Art critics describe my work as highly innovative, representing a fresh inimitable approach to abstract art.

So feel free to explore and enjoy the site! 


Denise Rhoden Rhone, R.Ph.